In 2019 it is all about "Globalisation 4.0", its effects on global risks, work in the robot age, climate change and what this means for the global CEO. After having allocated the prognosed effects it will diskuss solutions and new models on how to make all these changes work well for everyone.

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The World Economic Forum 2019

The ASEAN's World Economic Forum 2017 

The Davos' World Economic Forum 2017 

Jack Ma Davos Interview:
I was rejected from Harvard 10 times! 
DAVOS, 2016
The main issue will be this year the 4th industrial revolution at the WEF. Again distinguished guests and anchors will be there for discussing all our world and century ruling issues and problems. 2.500 people from all around the world are expected to make speeches and round discussions. By following this events which are all livestreamed everyone can be stay adjourned on behalf of the most important adgenta which is highly relevant for our present but much more for our future. This events do not only help to open the mind but to understand the different views on the same problems which have an impact on our all lifes. The problem is there are so many appointments that it is not makable to watch all debates - nevertheless the streamed videos get in main closed after the WEF will end. This means this days  will take my whole time to watch this lifestreams. I will also post the most important events on my FB Site like I do every year.
Shaping Davos: Creating 75 Million Entrepreneurs: Is this Possible?
57:49 min
Issue Briefing: Disruptive Forces in Financial Services
33:43 min
Around the World without Fuel or Fear
29.25 min
The State of Artificial Intelligence
55.08 min
The Promise of Progress
58,42 min
The Transformation of Tomorrow
01.01.10 min
A New Climate for Doing Business
Designing for Cyber-Resilience
1.00.01 min
Remarks by Joe Biden Vice President of the United States
Future-Proofing Global Finance
01.00.50 min
The Long Term Imperative
1.12.35 min
A New Platform for the Digital Economy
Press Conference: The Digital Transformation of Industries
31.39 min
Privacy and Secrecy in the Digital Age
1.24.48 min
Press Conference: A New Trade and Investment Direction / The E15 Initiative
Press Conference: Educating the Masters of the Fourth Industrial Revolution
25.43 min
Preventing Future Shocks
1.02.13 min
Progress towards Parity
Issue Briefing: The Gender Impact of the Fourth Industrial
29.46 min
Queen Rania Al Abdullah of Jordan on the refugee crisis
1.06 min
Issue Briefing: The Inequality Challenge
29.59 min




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