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Introductory to this site "insiders" which is addressed to the work force in general - target are people searching for jobs, employees and entrepreneurs as well as wannebies.... 
I named this page "insiders" because it should show you possibilities and opportunities which abroad are very known and usual but not known every where and especially though knowable every where not known by everyone. A deeper focus will be taken on our future work force especially under the impact of the 4th industrial revolution and the entrence of robots, deep learning machines and automation causing a time of transition which already started. How to behave in such times? What to do for safing its job? But much more important: How to become first inner this big change!
One is clear - education takes it all and education is changing as well as every single part of our lives- also education will work very differently as we know it from our past. How ever, we will not become a victim of our old illusions - and the conclusion of this situation is automation in itself - education is becoming inclusive more than ever by offering a great opportunity to be part of an high educated world no matter where we live or where we come from - you just need an internet account. It's never been as simple as now! Use it!

"We need to change the way we make decision. If we empower our employees more and more, we'll be able to accelerate the speed at which we do business." 
Shogo Ikeuchi, CHRO, Recruite Holdings, Japan, IBM's Global C-suite Report 2016

"It's really hard to predict the rapidly evolving technology enviornment; you don't know but you're still trying to stay ahead of it." 
Ian Cunningham, COO, Tangerine Bank, Canada, IBM's Global C-suite Report 2016




For getting started with this we have to understand which skills are requested in your future job - this means to analyze an insecure future. In finance they use to make predictions on the concrete investment by first looking how it handled the past: recognizing the future stock price development through the company's history - recognizing the future of workforce through the labor markets'  history - recognizing your future job through your joblife's history - recognizing your needed skills through your past and present abilities.  Where are your personal lacks? Which adjournments do you have to get through for getting the new job in 2017?   

This report of 2010 identified the "key drivers of change" based on filtered datas by identifying the most relevant key drivers and skills areas of the workforce of the future. The explored six key drivers of the future workforce are (i) EXTREME LONGEVITY given by the increased global lifespans which will affect careers and learning, (ii) the RISE OF MACHINE LEARNING AND AUTOMATED SYSTEMS which will be integrated in the workplace by cancelling a lot of workers' jobs with repetitive tasks in almost every industry eg production, teaching, combat, medicine, security, and virtually every domain of lives, (iii) a COMPUTIONAL WORLD by developing it to a more and more programmable system given by the use of sensors, communication, and processing power into everyday products and environments (IoT), (iv) NEW MEDIA ECOLOGY driven by new communication tools by transforming media literacies beyond text with the use of video, digital animation, augmented reality, and media editing, (v) STRUCTURED ORGANISATIONS led to new forms of production and value creation reached by social technologies like social media platforms (Uber, Facebook, Airbnb), (vi) at least the GLOBALLY CONNECTED WORLD by increasing global interconnectivity and creating diversity and adaptability in organizational operations by forcing a greater exchange of skills, knowledge  and cultures and integration beyond geographic borders. 
In a by driver (ii) and (vi) led workplace the report explored as critical skills (a) "sense-making" [by defining it as "the ability to determine the deeper meaning or significance of what is being expressed"] (b) "social intelligence" [defined as the "ability to connect to others in a deep and direct way, to sense an stimulate reactions and desired interactions"], and (c) "novel and adaptive thinking" [defined as proficiency at thinking and coming up with solutions and responses beyond that which is rote or rule-based"]. Drivers (v) and (vi) will necessitate the critical skill (d) "cross cultural competency" [seen as the "ability to operate in different cultural settings"] and (e) "virtual collaboration" [defined as "ability to work productively, drive engagement, and demonstrate presence as a member of a virtual team"]. In a by driver (i) and (iii) led workplace the critical skill needed is (f) "trans-disciplinarily" [defined as the "ability in an ability to understand concepts across multiple disciplines"] and by using in addition to this also the driver (v) the most critical skill is (g) "new media literacy" [seen as the "ability to critically assess and develop content that uses new media forms, and leverage these media for persuasive communication"]. Is the workplace led by driver (iv) and (v) the critical skill is been explored in (h) "computional thinking" [seen as the "ability to translate vast amounts of data into abstract concepts and to understand data-based reasoning"] and (i) "cognitive load management" [seen as the "ability to discriminate and filter information for importance, and to understand how to maximize cognitive functioning using a variety of tools and techniques."]. The drivers (iii) and (v) will necessitate the critical skill (j) "design mindset" [seen as the "ability to represent and develop tasks and work processes for desired outcomes."]. 
The new categorization of these 11 skills divided them into (i) PERSONAL SKILLS which is seen in (k) resilience, (ii) PEOPLE SKILLS which are developed as (d) cross cultural competency, (b) social intelligence, and (e) virtual collaboration, (iii) APPLIED KNOWLEDGE seen as (c) novel and adaptive thinking, (i) cognitive load management, and (a) sense making and at least (iv) WORKPLACE SKILLS which are seen in (g) new media literacy, (j) design mindset, (f) transdisciplinary approach, and (h) computional thinking.
The IBM's Global C-suite Report 2016 

IBM asked 5,247 business leaders from 21 industries in more than 70 countries. For analyzing 7,600 open-ended comments on how technologies were expacted to affect businesses IBM used Watson Alnalytics because CEOs put technologies for the first time on the top agenda as main game changer by recognising the importance of technology but also the uncertainty of its impact. CxOs also see that greater efficiency alone isn't enough to deal with this uncertainty, so that CxOs are especially interested to create more digital, individualized experiences for their customers. The future of face-toface interaction is now seen in more digital/ virtual interaction and instead of focusing on customers as segment there will be more the focus on customers as individuals.By believing technology can transform the way enterprises operate cloud computing can help to shorten lead times and share resources more efficently. The requested skills are here advanced analytical and predictive skills  The benefits of cognitive computing are also seen by CxOs especially in generating new discoverles, making better decisions and driving contextual customer interactions. Advanced manufacturing is seen especially in the impact of sophisticated 3D-printers which will bring manufacturiing at home with individualized and new designs  At least in combination with new energy sources CxOs already are seeking for big profit pool. But executives are cautious about making too big changes by investing too much too soon or cannibalizing current revenue streams but there is still the desire to move first given by the accelerating effects of the speed at which technology evolves. 
What we can learn from this survey are the new challenges CxOs will be confronted with.
Employees can now put their focus on learning the needed skills for their future jobs for these emerging technologies like cognitive computing, advanced manufacturing technologies and new energy sources and solutions as well as on cloud computing, mobile solutions, IoT, cognitive computing, man-machine hybrides and bioengineering.

"We live in a moment where individual creativity and continious innovation are essential. We should be thinking in terms of 'return on inspiration'." 
Natascia Radice, CMO, TEDxDubai, United Arab Emirates from IBM's Global C-suite Report 2016

And again this question:
So, What to do next?
Get started to learn the
skills for your
Ater we have now analysed the needed knowledge for a future job based on the adjourned abilities we have to focus now on how we can provide the requested skills for the future job.  
I have made some lists with all  the needed knowledge linked to courses which can provide you all the skills for your future job yet! So don't hasitate to check it out - no matter if you are supposed to learn new or refresh old skills you'll also find extremley usefull tools for your daily digital work and discover a new world of innovation and technology - so called INSIDERS. And here  we are where the beginning finds its end and the start of a new beginning - Innovation transformed in insiders which will transform in a future daily habit and lifestyle - we are now living a so called transition time - use it for being first in our new beginning!

"Conventional thinking needs to change: We are generally all used to a life where we are spending 15 to 20 years of educting and another 40 years of work and then retirement. This needs to be replaced by a lifelong learning and a lifelong work."
C. Vijiayakumar, President and CEO, HLC Technologies, Worrld Economic Forum 2017

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